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SJW - Ruby Red 2019.jpg
Saint Joe's Ruby Red Wine
Sweet, full bodied Concord grape wine. One of our all around favorites. You can taste the Concord!
SJW - Wasp Bite 2019.jpg
Wasp Bite 
Semi-Dry Niagara raspberry wine without the sting!
SJW - Jocelyns Blush 2019.jpg
Jocelyn's Blush
A sweet, smooth, blend of Niagara and Concord grapes. 
SJW - St Joe White 2019.jpg
Saint Joe White
Niagara grape wine. Taste the sweet Niagara grapes in this sweet wine. "Handsome in a Bottle"
RYLEE"S Rockin' White Raspberry
A Semi-Sweet blend of Niagara grapes and raspberry!
Red Lite
Lighter bodied Concord Grape wine. 
All the flavor, with less alcohol. Sweet!

Temporarily out of stock.
SJW - Rylees Rocking White 2019 - 2.jpg
SJW - Red Light 2019.jpg
SJW - Lindberghs White 2019.jpg

Semi Dry White Wine. Named after Charles Lindbergh who spent time in Choconut when his plane landed here on Nov 7, 1927.

Semi Dry

Lindbergh's White
SJW - Autumn Sunset 2019.jpg

Autumn Sunset

Robust Flavor with a slight honey taste.

Semi Sweet.

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